ADK MARBLE’s story is one of passion and dedication, it is the story of a Turkish marble company that was founded in 2003 and owned its first marble quarry in 2007 , One of ADK MARBLE strength points is its high experience in blocks extractions that was gained in the past 10 years which makes it a stable partner for blocks . Currently owner of 3 quarries Ottoman(Empire) beige, Burdur beige and Grey marble, plus an ultra-modern marble factory for slabs and tiles located in Burdur with 25000sqm production capacity monthly.

Primarily focused on foreign markets, ADK MARBLE factory offers a wide range of materials and colors coming from the different quarries around Turkey.The Expertise in the production and distribution of high-quality materials, now combined with the reliability and the know-how of its staff, allows ADK MARBLE to shape the most exclusive projects ideas and makes them a reality!

This is the vision of ADK MARBLE, a solid reference point in the natural stone sector.


2003            ADK MARBLE founded in ISTANBUL as a marble trading company.

2005            Participated more than 20 exhibitions in all over the world and Turkey. ADK Expended its client portfolio.

2007            ADK MARBLE started to operate first quarry in Mut / MERSİN.

2009            Ottoman (Empire) Beige Quarry started to operate in Eğirdir / ISPARTA.

2010            Second Ottoman (Empire) Beige Quarry started to operate in same area.

2012            In order to increase production capacity, a serious investment for heavy duty machines and marble machinery was made.

2014            ADK MARBLE opened the high-tech factory in Bucak with Italian machinery for slabs and tiles productions.

2016            ADK MARBLE has added new products to its portfolio.

2017            ADK MARBLE succeeded in opening new markets for its export.Now, exporting to 4 different continents.

2018            By the beginning of 2018, 2 new quarries has been opened;classic beige and grey marble .

                     ADK MARBLE continue to grow everyday with fast and strong strides.