ADK Marble which began its quarry operations in 2007 with a travertine quarry in Mersin Mut, in 2009 established its beige marble quarry in Isparta Egirdir to follow market trends and to meet increasing customer demand to beige marble. In the following years, a second quarry was owned and began to operations in the same region to increase production capacity for meeting constantly increasing customer demand to beige marble.

By significant experience of quarry operations gained during this period, ADK Marble became an esteemed and renowned for its Empire Beige Marble which is one of the most demanded stone in Turkey.

With its professional team, today ADK Marble implements continuous improvement to increase its quality at production and services. Company is determined to making all kinds of investments to meet its commitment to environmental protection and saving the purity of marble which was emerged to thousands of different forms for centuries.

Machinery line in ADK Marble’s beige marble quarries; 4 units of wheel loaders, 5 units of excavators and 2 units of rock trucks.  Through all production processes,  workplace safety precautions are followed strictly and all equipment is being operated by experienced operators.